What Kind of Writer Are You?


Works alone, often late at night Refines her work socially
Tries to bring out his own genius Brings the world into her work
Constantly schmoozing for a big break Seeking constructive feedback

Know where you stand!

Successful writing is not about getting attention or playing the latest trend – it’s about quality. If you are a writer, you can’t spend your lonely nights fretting about whether something is good or not – you need to know. Authorscope will tell you just where you stand, in detail, so that you can be at your best.

For just $300 for the first 300 pages (and $1 per page after that) we will provide you with a comprehensive critique of all the important elements of your novel or non-fiction book. We have staff that are versed in fiction, technical, devotional, memoir, and any other category of work. At the end of this, you will know exactly how your work can be improved or, if you really are good, where you can start the process of selling it.

Your work will be read by professionals, and they will tell you in great detail exactly what they think.  It will be done confidentially, with the utmost discretion, interity and honesty.  We have no other services to sell you, so there will be no attempt to “upsell” you something else.   We offer you our extensive experience and reputation in the publishing industry.

To understand the process, please see the Register page for more information.